Sex Repulsion and Taking a Human Sexuality Course

So, I just started taking a course on human sexuality. This is going to be interesting, especially as I am a somewhat sex-repulsed asexual. It’s sort of hard to quantify my sex repulsion. There will be times when something really squicks me out, but then other times where I’m just fine with it. Some things that used to squick me out don’t really bug me the way they used to. And sometimes I’ll be fine with stuff, and then a little while later my brain just suddenly goes “nope, too much”.Read More »


Significant Relationships and Being an Aromantic Ace

When I started this blog, I was still doing a lot of exploration and questioning, trying to figure out how to identify. I think I’m done questioning, though. I’ve been identifying as an aromantic asexual for some time, now, and it fits me pretty well. I doubt I’ll find any better words to succinctly describe my sexual orientation than the ones I’m already using.

Which now leaves me trying to figure out how to navigate significant relationships. I’m not interested in any relationships that are sexual and/or romantic, but I live in a society where sexual/romantic relationships are seen as The Significant Relationship in a person’s life. I’m not about to give up on the idea of important relationships just because I’m an aro ace, though.Read More »

Search Terms!

So, while dusting off my old blog and getting back into the rhythym of writing again, I was looking at the various search terms people used to find my blog while I wasn’t blogging, and the search terms that hit my blog in 2015 were:

  • is lucid dreaming pseudoscience
  • do aromantics date
  • straw man arguments against christianity
  • pseudoscience of dreams
  • is liquid dream is pseudoscience
  • straw man arguments against religion
  • is lucid dreaming a pseudoscience

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Why I Hate the Term “Single”

I hate the term “single”. Every time I fill out some form or register on some website and they have a question about marital/relationship status, it really annoys me when I have to pick “single”. Every time someone describes me as “single” because I am not in a sexual and/or romantic relationship, this annoys me. “Single” has implications that just don’t apply to me.
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Linkspam: Asexuality in the Atheosphere

So, I was reading some atheist blogs earlier, and I stumbled across this article about sex ed which explicitly, if briefly, addresses asexuality in the context of sex ed. After my initial “visibility! yay!” reaction to coming across a completely unexpected mention of asexuality, I started poking around for more stuff on asexuality in the atheosphere, and I found a few links worth sharing.

Jason Thibeault’s Asexual Awareness Week post

Astrid Lydia Johannsen’s Asexual Awareness Week post

A two part series on myths and misconceptions about asexuals on Queereka (part 1, part 2). Less recent than the other links, but good stuff.