Hi. I’m Alex Black (he/him/his pronouns, and yes, that is a pseudonym). I’m an aromantic asexual transgender atheist, and I like to blog about all those things. A disproportionate number of my posts are about atheism. I make no apology for this.

When I started this blog, I thought I would be blogging about dreaming and lucid dreaming, but I haven’t been. I love dreaming, and I keep a dream journal so that I can remember my dreams (you’d be surprised how much something simple like that can improve dream recall), but other than that I haven’t done much to try to have lucid dreams in a few years. I still manage to get lucid in my dreams every once in while, anyway. It’s a great deal of fun.

One of the things I blog about that I wasn’t intending to originally is my depression. I have recurrent major depression. It sucks. Sometimes, it interferes with my blogging. If I’m not blogging as much because I’m depressed, I’ll probably write a blog post about that. Or, I might just drop off the net and randomly reappear weeks or months later. I do that sometimes.

Feel free to comment on any of my posts, including old ones. Just keep in mind I may not currently hold all the same opinions as those which I expressed in posts written years ago.

Note- On a previous version of this page I said that “it” is not a gender-neutral pronoun. What I should have said instead is that by gender-neutral pronouns I meant stuff like they/them/theirs or ze/hir/hirs, and that referring to any person as “it” is really disrespectful and dehumanizing unless that person specifically requests to be referred to that way.


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  1. actually, i know a couple people who prefer to be referred to as “it.” both of them are nonbinary trans* people and they’re both very specific and up-front about their pronoun preferences. i think its important to add that “it” is unacceptable UNLESS someone specifically asks to be referred to as “it.”

    but, yeah. if you don’t know what nongendered pronouns are, chances are nobody has asked you to call them “it” and you should probably just not use it.


  2. Yea, if someone specifically asked to be called “it”, I’d totally respect that, but most of the time I hear it, it’s coming from disrespectful cis folks, or, say, it’s people referring to the ‘monster’ in a movie (e.g. Frankenstein), and being used to deny his personhood.


  3. I just realized my first rewrite of this was even more problematic than the original. Saying that people should respect a person’s preferred pronouns if they ask to be called ‘it’ and then referring to this hypothetical person as ‘their’ (I wasn’t thinking and I’ve gotten really used to they/them/their pronouns–oh look, I just did it again in this comment) is not exactly setting a good example. I’m finding that I’m highly uncomfortable referring to even a hypothetical person as ‘it’ when no one has actually asked me to use ‘it’ pronouns. I’m so used to hearing ‘it’ being used disrespectfully that I don’t even want to use ‘it’ when talking about people preferring ‘it’ as a pronoun, which causes quite the conflict with the idea that I should always respect a person’s preferred pronouns (whereas it would be really obvious that I should just suck it up and say ‘it’ if I’d actually met someone who requested ‘it’ pronouns).

    Anyway, how’s the second rewrite?


  4. Hi Midori!

    I also love dreaming. I find I often have entirely bizarre and VIVID dreams – things I would NEVER have thought up in a fully conscious state. It’s incredible.

    What do the pronouns ze, hir and hirs mean, and how did they come about?


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    • Awesome to find another dream lover. I dream up incredibly bizarre stuff, too.

      ze/hir/hirs are gender neutral pronouns, invented because English sucks for talking about specific singular people of unspecified or non-binary gender. they/them/theirs gets used frequently, but it’s a bit unwieldy and can drive grammar nuts up a wall. Example: I saw hir yesterday when ze went to the store. I accidentally took hir cart, but I gave it back when ze pointed out it was hirs.

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  5. Hi Midori Skies, I was reading over your ‘About’ page and wanted to let you know if you ever want to contact me direct, please feel free to do so. I couldn’t find a contact link for you. I actually just added one to my page, so you can write me there. You mentioned depression, and although I don’t have that issue, it may help to talk with someone when you are going through it. Then again, you may not want to talk to anyone then. Just wanted to let you know I would be glad to talk anytime you want to, and this is not a ploy to get into any kind of debate with you.

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  6. Hello. Have you already considered making your blog available under a Creative Commons license? This would allow people to translate it, if they want to, and also republish the posts on another websites giving you due credit.

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    • I have considered that, yes. Since a lot of my posts are personal in nature, I decided I wasn’t comfortable with putting a blanket Creative Commons license on my whole blog. I have put individual posts under Creative Commons license before, though.


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