Status Update

I haven’t been posting much lately because I have been very busy with classes. I am on campus studying for most of the day during the week, and when I get home I am usually too tired to think about blogging much. I think I will try to make a habit of working on posts during the weekends, so that I will have something to post every week or two. I have got several posts in mind that I want to write, including an update on my experiences taking a human sexuality course, a post describing why I am not an agnostic and would Christians kindly stop trying to tell me that I am, a post about religious proselytizing on my campus and what happened when I talked to one of the proselytizers, a guest post on someone else’s blog talking about my experiences with navigating gender segregated spaces as a trans person, an educational post about what cis people can do to be respectful of trans people, and a post about why I no longer consider myself part of the New Atheist movement.


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