Why has no one heard of Lupus?

This is the first time I’ve ever reblogged anything, but this is important, because lupus doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Lupus is a chronic auto-immune disease that can be life-threatening, and it has a higher estimated incidence than either cervical cancer or multiple sclerosis.

It appears as though what I have is Lupus, which explains not only my current issues, but all the digestive issues and the blood disorder I have as well.  My current doctors think they’re all related.  There’s no specific test for Lupus; it’s diagnosed through a series of different tests, combined with medical history and symptoms.  Ultimately, a Rheumatologist will make the call, but my Allergist is pretty certain it’s Lupus.

The more I read about Lupus, the more I was surprised that a lot of people haven’t heard of it, or have but don’t know what it is, or are vaguely aware that it has something to do with Selena Gomez.  The Lupus Foundation estimates that between 1.5 million and 2 million Americans have Lupus.

Wow, I thought, that’s weird. So why doesn’t it get the attention that other major chronic illnesses get?

Then I read that Lupus predominately affects women, particularly women of color…

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Basic information about lupus here.


7 thoughts on “Why has no one heard of Lupus?

  1. Firstly, (a joke): haven’t you ever seen House? It’s always Lupus there 😉
    Secondly, I’m actually surprised. Three people I’m close with have Lupus, so I’ve always been aware of it. I had no idea it wasn’t so widely known! Maybe that’s just a chance thing?

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  2. I’ve known about it for a long time, because the Lupus Foundation is one of the groups in my area that sends a truck around to pick up donations of old clothes and books and such. When my husband had to clean out his parent’s house years back, and had a huge yard sale, the Lupus guys stopped by to offer to take anything left over that he just needed to get rid of. And just two days ago I gave them a couple of bags of outgrown clothes.

    And of course House. “It’s Lupus!” It was never Lupus.

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  3. Thanks for posting this article. My wife’s mother dealt with Lupus and passed from it at the age of 28. It is hard to believe that to this day, not a lot of people have heard of it or know much about it. It is sad to think that anyone…male, female, white, black would not be given the best information and care for this or any disease.

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