Why has no one heard of Lupus?

This is the first time I’ve ever reblogged anything, but this is important, because lupus doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Lupus is a chronic auto-immune disease that can be life-threatening, and it has a higher estimated incidence than either cervical cancer or multiple sclerosis.

It appears as though what I have is Lupus, which explains not only my current issues, but all the digestive issues and the blood disorder I have as well.  My current doctors think they’re all related.  There’s no specific test for Lupus; it’s diagnosed through a series of different tests, combined with medical history and symptoms.  Ultimately, a Rheumatologist will make the call, but my Allergist is pretty certain it’s Lupus.

The more I read about Lupus, the more I was surprised that a lot of people haven’t heard of it, or have but don’t know what it is, or are vaguely aware that it has something to do with Selena Gomez.  The Lupus Foundation estimates that between 1.5 million and 2 million Americans have Lupus.

Wow, I thought, that’s weird. So why doesn’t it get the attention that other major chronic illnesses get?

Then I read that Lupus predominately affects women, particularly women of color…

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Basic information about lupus here.


Sex Repulsion and Taking a Human Sexuality Course

So, I just started taking a course on human sexuality. This is going to be interesting, especially as I am a somewhat sex-repulsed asexual. It’s sort of hard to quantify my sex repulsion. There will be times when something really squicks me out, but then other times where I’m just fine with it. Some things that used to squick me out don’t really bug me the way they used to. And sometimes I’ll be fine with stuff, and then a little while later my brain just suddenly goes “nope, too much”.Read More »

On “True” Believers

As a rule, I refuse to debate over who is a “true” adherent of any religion. In my experience, everybody has a different opinion over who is or isn’t a “true” believer. Different people within the same religion say conflicting things about who is doing it “right”. Different sects and denominations say opposing things about which sects and denominations actually belong to their religion. There isn’t any sort of consensus that I have seen, and, as an outsider, I feel like I have even less to say about who is a “true” follower of a religion than those who are actually part of the religion. And since everyone disagrees with each other, I can’t just take anybody’s word for it that this person or that person isn’t a “true” adherent (unless that person themself says “no, actually I was just faking it”).Read More »

Satanic Bathroom Graffiti

I saw this the other day on the inside of a bathroom stall door and just had to take a picture.

A drawing of a red coffee cup with an inverted pentagram on it. Next to this, in blue pen, the words “IF YOU LOVE GOD [illegible] CHek it YES OR NO”, followed by checkboxes labeled “YES OR NO” and the words “i LOVE GOD HOW [illegible] YOU”. Beneath this, also in blue pen, a stick figure saying “i LOVE GOD”.
That’s an inverted pentagram on the red coffee cup. My best guess is, somebody got annoyed with the god graffiti and decided it would look better accompanied by a Satanic Starbucks cup.

Response to “Why Do People Believe Miracles Are Impossible?”

Several weeks ago, I left a comment on a post about why people believe miracles aren’t possible. The author claimed that there have been “thousands of medically verified healings”, and even provided some links to back up their claim (e.g. World Christian Doctors Network), which is more than I have generally come to expect when I hear people say they have evidence of God or miracles. So, I spent a while checking out one of the provided links and then left a comment. Disappointingly, my comment never made it through moderation, so I guess I will have to chalk this up as yet another instance of my questions going unanswered when I inquire about the “evidence” for miracles or gods. The text of my comment is below.Read More »

For Humans Tell Me So

It took me a long time to realize this, but the only source I have to go on for what is or isn’t the word of God is the word of humans. And different humans say different words are the words of God. Hell, different humans can’t even agree on what god or gods exist, and even among people who agree that a specific god exists, they still disagree about what that god says.Read More »