A Brief Rant

I hate that “man” and “ma’am” sound so similar. And “man” gets used in a lot of places where “ma’am” or “sir” would easily fit. Like when you are talking to the cashier at a store or restaurant, and they say “thanks, man” or “here you are, man” or something. Maybe that happens more to people who look youngish? Like, say, trans men who don’t have (noticable) facial hair and get mistaken for teen even if they are in their 20’s or 30’s.

I don’t know. It’s annoying, though. Makes it harder to tell if people are misgendering me or not. And then I feel like I can’t call people out on it because maybe I misheard them and they actually said “man” not “ma’am” and then I will look weird for assuming they said “ma’am”. Mostly, I just try to assume people are saying “man” whether they are or not. If I’m having any sort of lengthy or repeated interaction, there will probably be other cues at some point as to whether they are misgendering me. If it’s just a short, one-time interaction, then correcting them might not be worth the bother, anyway. I still can’t keep myself from worrying about it sometimes, though, and it doesn’t exactly help my confidence.

In other news, I am apparently blogging again. I have this bad habit of randomly dropping off the ‘net every once in a while with no warning, then showing up again weeks or months (years?) later.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Rant

  1. Yeah… That’s a pain that they sound so similar. If I don’t call someone sunshine, I often use man as a generalized term for female, male, and others alike. It’s something that stuck around from my teenage super stoner/hippy/punk times.

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