Why I Hate the Term “Single”

I hate the term “single”. Every time I fill out some form or register on some website and they have a question about marital/relationship status, it really annoys me when I have to pick “single”. Every time someone describes me as “single” because I am not in a sexual and/or romantic relationship, this annoys me. “Single” has implications that just don’t apply to me.
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Atheism and Offense

As an atheist, sometimes I worry about whether people will be offended when I blog about religion or atheism. Not all of my readers are atheists, after all, and I blog about various topics unrelated to atheism. I don’t want to drive away readers who come to my site to read what I say about asexuality, for example.

This worry is compounded by the fact that I have no idea how to anticipate what people will find offensive. How do I tell where the line is between what is appropriate, polite, and respectful, and what is inflammatory, disrespectful, and rude? Looking at what sort of things atheists say that religious people get offended at is absolutely no help here.
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Straw Man Arguments Against Atheism (Continued)

I can never find the really good examples of stuff like straw man arguments when I’m looking for them. Since I’ve already spent so much time talking about straw man arguments and the rather aggravating habit of some Christians to try to tell atheists what atheism is, I’d feel like I really left something out if I didn’t post the gem I ran across today (via Atomic Mutant’s takedown).
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