Ok, So Maybe I Am Blogging Again

Ever since I posted that notice about having hid some posts, but not being blogging again, I keep thinking of ideas of things to blog about. So, maybe I actually am blogging again. Or should be.

Some of the stuff I’ve been thinking I should write blog posts about:

1. Inclusivity and Intersectionality

I just started going to my college’s GSA meetings again, only to find out that they are talking about awesome things like intersectionality and how to be more inclusive. Specifically, they’re talking about what to do about the fact that our GSA is very, very white, even though the college as a whole is relatively racially diverse. This is making me think a lot about inclusivity and intersectionality in other contexts, too, especially ones I have personal experience of (e.g. the intersection of disability and asexuality, or tips for people who want to make their organization more trans-friendly).

2. Depression

Gods. Depression. Can’t it go away already? I’m trying to live a life over here. It is not helping.

3. Transition Related Stuff

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I want to write stuff about my transition is to throw another example out there of what transition can be like, and how it is not always like those nice, shiny, normalized narratives of transition that get put in books and documentaries and what have you. And also to reassure myself (and others) that it’s totally ok to not be like those book people, or to not be one of the ones that “always knew” (whatever the hell that means anyway), or whatever other transition trope.

4. Atheism Stuff

I’ve been reading Victor J. Stenger’s “The New Atheism”, and I’ve been reading various atheist blogs again, and some of the ways I’ve seen people reframing various arguments has gotten me thinking that I really ought to think through, and write up, what sort of evidence would get me to reconsider whether gods exist. After all, as Stenger keeps saying, absence of evidence that should be there is evidence of absence. Or, another way of framing things. What would I expect a world which contains (for example) the Christian god to look like? What would I expect a world which does not contain the Christian god to look like? Which of these two worlds does the world I actually live in more closely resemble?

Ok, that is totally enough words to count as a whole post.


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