No, Really, I Still Blog Here

So, I will probably start doing regular posts again fairly soon. Regular as in weekly. Ish. Visiting family over the holidays has not exactly been conducive to blogging over the past month (also I suck at telling people when I won’t be on the net for a while for whatever reason). There’s not much I really have in mind for an actual blog post at the moment, except to say that I really hate pretending I’m not an atheist, and I look forward to being in a situation where I don’t feel forced to hide my beliefs or lack thereof. It’s really just not something I can stand to do for very long when I’m being told to pray about things, like ohno what if I eventually have sex with someone even though I am ace and have absolutely no interest and what will god think is the ‘wrong’ type of person to have sex with when I am trans, even though being trans does not, in itself, appear to contradict my family’s religious teachings? Thank FSM for that last bit though–I had no idea until after I came out. I’m pretty sure not believing in any gods contradicts my family’s religious beliefs big time though… and it is such a trial to hold my tongue if atheists actually do come up in conversation, along with all of the typical misconceptions that it almost literally pains me to let slide. Happily, this is not something that comes up often, and I am still rather busy being happy that I can openly speak my mind about LGBT things now, at least. Also, what is a blog for if not a convenient place to talk about things that one cannot talk about to anyone in meatspace for a time?


4 thoughts on “No, Really, I Still Blog Here

  1. Welcome back. I missed you.I think it’s funny how you can be openly trans but not openly atheist when I can be openly atheist but not openly trans. I agree with you about the fact that a blog is a convenient place to talk about stuff you can’t talk about in meatspace.


  2. Thanks.

    I think that’s pretty funny, too. It’s also weird being out about one thing and not another, and feeling so great about being open and speaking your mind and at the same time feeling awful about not being able to say what you really think and staying silent when something says something that you long to disagree with.


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