I Have a Letter

So, today I got my letter for getting hormones. It’s not entirely certain that I’ll need it, but it’s reassuring to have one anyway. Even if it isn’t strictly required, it will probably make things easier. I hadn’t really been planning to wait until I got handed a letter to try to get hormones, but stuff came up (by which I mean I was depressed and school was a more immediate concern needing to be dealt with).

I keep thinking that I’ve been really lucky with transition stuff. My parents haven’t disowned me or stopped talking to me. They’re even supportive. There are actual gender specialist therapists in my city, and they have affordable rates. I can even talk to my therapist about questioning whether I am male or male-ish or just very very not-female, and they understand genderqueer/non-binary identities as being an actual thing. At first I was afraid that being entirely honest would hinder my access to medical transition (and that’ll still be my default assumption whenever I deal with someone new), but finding out that I can talk openly and honestly about my gender to my therapist has been great.
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