Status Update

Well, back to weekly-ish blog posts, I guess. Or whenever I feel like it, if I feel like it more often than once a week. I was going really strong with that posting every day thing for about a week, even posting on one day when I didn’t want to fucking do anything. Then I got distracted by the idea of judging for the Interactive Fiction Competition. I love interactive fiction (IF). I don’t play it often enough. Judging comp games gives me an excuse to play a lot of IF, even if some of it is incredibly bad (well, not really, almost all of the games I’ve played so far were decently fun, even the ones with glaring implementation problems or bad writing). And then, of course, whenever I play enough IF, and especially whenever I play enough bad IF (hmph! I could write a better game than this!), I get all sorts of ideas for writing some IF myself. We’ll see how far I get with that. I already dropped both the every day blog posting thing and the IFComp judging thing* this month, and it’s only two weeks into the month. On the other hand, at least I am getting excited and motivated about things again, even if I get distracted within a week.

Anyway. I’m not really counting this as my blog post for the week. It’s more of a status update thing. I have another post or two that I need to write that I’ve been working on for a while. Other bloggers I read keep posting stuff about suicide, and this makes me want to write my own thing about it. Also I need to finish that series of posts that I started.

*Not entirely dropped. There’s still two days left to judge, and I did play the minimum number of games to be able to judge, so I could still do that, even if I’ll be sad because I didn’t get to judge every game in the comp. Or, if I work my ass off, maybe I could still pull off judging every game…


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