Happy Blasphemy Day!

Of course, I wouldn’t figure out it’s Blasphemy Day until it’s almost too late to post something without looking silly. If I’d realized sooner that Blasphemy Day was coming up, I could’ve done something dramatic, like casually throwing the Gideon New Testament someone forced on me into the trash can and posting a picture of it. But, erm, I kind of did that last month already (minus the picture taking), and the only ‘holy’ books I have on hand at the moment are on loan from the library, and if I throw those in the trash, the library will eventually want me to give them money. Of course, I’m lucky enough to live in a place which does not have blasphemy laws which would make it illegal to throw certain specific works of fiction casually into the trash. I mean, I love books, and throwing books away is horrible, but making it illegal is really going overboard. Seriously. They’re just books. Someone tearing up a copy of Moby-Dick is not something to hurt or kill for, even if Moby-Dick is your favorite book ever. What’s so different about a copy of the Bible or the Qur’an? They’re all just bits of paper with ink on them bound together.


2 thoughts on “Happy Blasphemy Day!

  1. Those books? They are more than pieces of paper with ink.. they are the very lifeblood of what many call their morals. Clearly they have not read the books completely, nor contemplated the consequences of the morals within them. As long as people tell them to venerate these books they will be offended when someone does not. Fuck those books and fuck the prophets they stand for. Oh, wait, was that blasphemous? My bad… errr, no my good. On our own, humans will be moral in the largest part. To be immoral takes someone claiming divine right to direct them to do evil. No human is born knowing what sin is… it takes a special kind of malevolence to instil such bigotry into a child. Fuck religion… though I hold a kind word for polytheists, monotheists are so corrupt they can’t even agree with each other about their common deity. Fuck indecision, fuck divinity, fuck sheep following a divine plan that is never to be explained, fuck objective morality, fuck prayers to imaginary sky gods, fuck bigotry from a book, fuck moral dictatorships based on a single god, fuck those who won’t raise their mind above abject submission to the imaginary, fuck the opposition of science, fuck the oppression of non-heterosexuals, fuck the oppression of females, fuck the idea of slavery and those that support it, fuck those that won’t explore the world because they already believe they have all the answers they need, fuck religion.

    If that offends you, remember that those monotheistic believers think their god made me this way and this is part of his grand plan… because god is male, not female, and he has rules and needs your money…. but he loves you… until he doesn’t then he is all about torturing you forever … because love is like that. Either bow in abject submission or die forever you slave to idiocy. Fuck religion. But hey, that’s just an opinion, pray for me or something.


  2. Eh, my entire life is blasphemy, so I don’t really feel the need to openly say something blasphemous. Every time I step on ice, I make a comment about how I’m walking on water. Low key, casual, everyday disrespect for religion that gets believers to laugh at their own religion is a lot more fun than saying fuck god. It shows that you are not afraid of their god, and gets them to fear a little less, maybe even putting a little doubt in their minds. But mostly it’s just fun. But Yeah, fuck any omniscient gods, because, they are pure fucking evil.


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