Hello world!

Greetings, hypothetical audience, and welcome to my blog. I have such great plans. There are so many things I want to write about. Primarily, I think, I will focus on the following three topics, although I reserve the right to ramble on about whatever the hell I feel like, even if it’s not what you came to my blog to read about.

One of the topics I want to write about is lucid dreaming. If you don’t know what lucid dreaming is, that’s when you’re aware that you’re dreaming while you’re in a dream. Once you become lucid in a dream, and thus aware that the normal rules of reality do not apply, you can do all sorts of nifty stuff. Some of the more interesting things I’ve done in lucid dreams include flying, using telekinetic powers, visiting Hogwarts, and turning into a dragon. It’s incredibly fun. I don’t really put that much effort into lucid dreaming, though, beyond just writing down my dreams every morning. Some of my non-lucid dreams are every bit as fun as some of the lucids, though. I really don’t want to forget those, so that’s why I write them all down. So, yea, I’ll probably end up posting various stuff about my experiences with trying to have lucid dreams. I’ll also post some of the more interesting dreams I have, lucid or not.

I also want to talk about being an atheist. I ended up becoming an atheist in my own, unique way, just like many other atheists. I think I have rather an odd world view because of the particular path I took, and I want to share it. I think there are few things so valuable as being able to look at something from different viewpoints. There are some things you just don’t see when you are limited to a single viewpoint. I want to talk about my particular philosophy, partly just to force myself to write this stuff down, and partly to share and discuss ideas with others.

I also want to talk about being queer. Specifically, I am asexual, and beyond that I’m still trying to figure things out. I like the term queer because it is a convenient umbrella term that I can use to get across the idea that I’m not straight and/or cisgender, without spending half an hour trying to explain exactly what flavor of not-straight/cis I am. I mean, really, just trying to explain the term asexual takes that long, nevermind trying to explain nuances. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll have a post later explaining what asexuality is (or you could just google it). But anyway, I have done a lot of thinking in the past year or so, trying to figure myself out, and I really think blogging could be a useful tool in this process.


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