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It really annoys me when people say LGBT when what they mean is gay, specifically. There are a whole 2 (or 3) letters you’re leaving off when you do that. And guess what? The letter I identify with in LGBT is the T–the one that gets left off the most. It’s… aggravating. It makes me feel invisible, erased, like no one cares. Read More »

So, I ran across this list of actual curious, respectful questions for atheists while browsing the ‘atheist’ and ‘atheism’ tags. It reminded me of a list of questions for atheists that I’d seen a while back, actually, so I decided to try to do a web search to find that again. And, hooo boy, big mistake. That certainly found me some disrespectful questions for atheists, as well as a bunch of idiotic or just plain ignorant ones. Not all of the stuff I found was bad, though. I might blog more about that later. For now, though, I’m just going to answer the first list of questions I ran across. Read More »

So, while dusting off my old blog and getting back into the rhythym of writing again, I was looking at the various search terms people used to find my blog while I wasn’t blogging, and the search terms that hit my blog in 2015 were:

  • is lucid dreaming pseudoscience
  • do aromantics date
  • straw man arguments against christianity
  • pseudoscience of dreams
  • is liquid dream is pseudoscience
  • straw man arguments against religion
  • is lucid dreaming a pseudoscience

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I hate that “man” and “ma’am” sound so similar. And “man” gets used in a lot of places where “ma’am” or “sir” would easily fit. Like when you are talking to the cashier at a store or restaurant, and they say “thanks, man” or “here you are, man” or something. Maybe that happens more to people who look youngish? Like, say, trans men who don’t have (noticable) facial hair and get mistaken for teen even if they are in their 20’s or 30’s.

I don’t know. It’s annoying, though. Makes it harder to tell if people are misgendering me or not. And then I feel like I can’t call people out on it because maybe I misheard them and they actually said “man” not “ma’am” and then I will look weird for assuming they said “ma’am”. Mostly, I just try to assume people are saying “man” whether they are or not. If I’m having any sort of lengthy or repeated interaction, there will probably be other cues at some point as to whether they are misgendering me. If it’s just a short, one-time interaction, then correcting them might not be worth the bother, anyway. I still can’t keep myself from worrying about it sometimes, though, and it doesn’t exactly help my confidence.

In other news, I am apparently blogging again. I have this bad habit of randomly dropping off the ‘net every once in a while with no warning, then showing up again weeks or months (years?) later.

I hate the term “single”. Every time I fill out some form or register on some website and they have a question about marital/relationship status, it really annoys me when I have to pick “single”. Every time someone describes me as “single” because I am not in a sexual and/or romantic relationship, this annoys me. “Single” has implications that just don’t apply to me.
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As an atheist, sometimes I worry about whether people will be offended when I blog about religion or atheism. Not all of my readers are atheists, after all, and I blog about various topics unrelated to atheism. I don’t want to drive away readers who come to my site to read what I say about asexuality, for example.

This worry is compounded by the fact that I have no idea how to anticipate what people will find offensive. How do I tell where the line is between what is appropriate, polite, and respectful, and what is inflammatory, disrespectful, and rude? Looking at what sort of things atheists say that religious people get offended at is absolutely no help here.
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I can never find the really good examples of stuff like straw man arguments when I’m looking for them. Since I’ve already spent so much time talking about straw man arguments and the rather aggravating habit of some Christians to try to tell atheists what atheism is, I’d feel like I really left something out if I didn’t post the gem I ran across today (via Atomic Mutant’s takedown).
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In my last post, I lamented how commonly I find Christians using straw man arguments against atheism (often involving redefining atheism in a different way than it is actually used by atheists) when I’m searcing the “atheism” and “atheist” tags on wordpress (usually because I want to find more atheist blogs). What my last post could have really used, though, is some concrete examples. I will attempt to correct that deficit with this post.

To start with, some stuff I found by googling “christian arguments against atheism”:
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Once again, I find myself poking through the “atheism” and “atheist” tags on wordpress to try to find more atheist blogs to read. Once again, a significant portion of the posts under these tags are written by Christians about atheists. And once again, a significant portion of these posts turn out to be straw man arguments against atheists.

The last time I did this, I ended up writing a very angry, ranty post about Christians telling atheists what atheism is, but I decided not to post it. I wrote it because I wanted to rant a bit, and because I wanted to reassure myself that I had good reason to be angry and upset. After I wrote it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted other people to read it in its raw, angry, ranty form. Here’s my attempt at a more calm, reasoned response to Christians telling atheists what atheism is.
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So, a few weeks ago, I posted about a book swap I was going to do with one of the people proselytizing on my campus–I would read a book of their choice, and they would read one of mine. I haven’t written about this in a while… because there’s not much to write about. I sent them an email at the address they gave me, and they haven’t emailed me back. I don’t know if they changed their mind, or if my email got sorted as spam, or what.

But I have put a lot of effort into trying to decide which book I ought to recommend, and I’m not going to consider that wasted effort, even if this book swap thing doesn’t happen. It’ll be good to have an idea of which books I would want to recommend to a theist, and which books I think make a good case for atheism. Here are some short reviews of the books I’ve read so far.
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